The 2018 Summer school on Superconducting Electronics is intended for students, engineers, researchers and newcomers who want to get familiar with Superconducting Electronics and its applications.

It took place on September 23-28, 2018 at Hotel Sol Falco in the beautiful Balearic island of Minorca in Spain.

Lectures were given on the following topics :

  • superconducting detectors (THz detectors, SIS mixers, Hot Electron Bolometers (HEB), Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (MKIDs), SNSPDs, …)
  • SQUIDs (physics, fabrication, applications,…)
  • superconducting digital electronics :  principle, applications, design and layout tools
  • quantum electronics
  • cryogeny and cryogenic systems (main properties, available systems, handling)

Each attending student was required to make a poster presentation showing his current work or interest. Two evenings were reserved for the poster sessions to create interactions and mutual interests.

The courses of the summer school are considered by doctoral schools of the European Universities of participating students to give ECTS credits.