2022 summer school scientific program

The 2022 summer school program was composed of a set of 45 mn-lectures, of a poster session provided by participants, and a pitch session where each participant could briefly introduce her/his work in about 3mn. The pitch session took place just before the poster session.

Each participant was asked to make a poster presentation showing her/his current work or interest to create interactions and mutual interests. Special sessions were reserved for a 60-mn oral pitch session where each attendee could shortly present his work to be displayed during the poster sessions.

Courses included general and specific considerations about superconducting electronics:

  • Quantum physics, basics of superconductivity and Josephson effect
  • Thin-film fabrication techniques for both low-Tc and high-Tc superconductors
  • Superconducting digital electronics:  basics, circuit design, layout, verification
  • Superconducting qubits and quantum-limited measurements
  • Superconducting neuromorphics
  • SQUIDs: working principles, noise performances, main configurations, micro and nano-SQUIDs and their nanoscale applications, scanning SQUID microscopy
  • Superconductor-based metrology
  • Superconducting detectors : HTc SNSPDs, THz detectors, SIS mixers, Hot Electron Bolometers (HEB), Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (MKIDs),…
  • Cryogeny and cryogenic systems (main properties, available systems, handling)

To have a better idea about the typical organisation of the summer school you can also have a look on the scientific programs of the 2016 and 2018 schools.


Mikhail Belogolovskii – Kiev Academic University – Kiev, Ukraine

Ali Bozbey – TOBB University — Ankara, Turkey

Denis Crété – Thales Research and Technology – Palaiseau, France

Pascal Febvre — Université Savoie Mont Blanc — Le Bourget-du-lac, France

Cheryl Feuillet-Palma – ESPCI – Paris France

Coenrad Fourie — Stellenbosch University — Stellenbosch, South Africa

Matteo Fretto – INRIM – Torino, Italy

Miroslav Grajcar — Comenius University – Bratislava, Slovakia

Carmine Granata — CNR — Napoli, Italy

Hans Hilgenkamp – University of Twente – Enschede, The Netherlands

Johannes Kohlmann — PTB — Braunschweig, Germany

Juergen Kunert — IPHT — Jena, Germany

Loredana Parlato – University of Naples Federico II – Naples, Italy

Alain Ravex — Cryoconsult, France

Ronny Stolz – IPHT — Jena, Germany

Hannes Töpfer – University of Technology Ilmenau – Ilmenau, Germany